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Trial and error post with HR News.

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Hello folks,

This is a trial and error post.

Every second week I do my podcast "HR News.” It's in Swedish, but as we all know, I write in English here. How to solve that?

Well, let's try to summarize the podcast in one post, including links to the stuff I mention in the podcast.

HR News

First out -  Remote Managers report 2021. Based on interviews with 200 executives from 150 companies, the report talks about getting remote work right.

Two highlights from the report;

  • The asynchrony work is one of the keys to a more successful work mode distributed.

  • Focus on creating an inclusive environment, especially in meetings.

Thanks for a great report Kona!

I do read and listen to a lot of stuff. I like articles and podcasts that challenge me in what I previously thought and force me to think in new directions. It's not often that it happens, but this time, it happened! 

Brian Elliot has written an excellent article which is a perfect mix of old truths mixed with new thoughts. It's forward-looking ideas that are right in that they are probably feasible but to some extent philosophical. 

The article is about middle managers and how that role is going to need to change.

I like two sections specifically;

Measuring output has gotten easier while building shared purpose has gotten harder.

We need to drop the classic control mechanisms as middle managers and instead focus on creating meaning for people and teams, focusing on the output.

The second part is that we need to create alternative career paths - the manager path should not be the only path that an employee can take to make a career. I've been passionate about this in the past, and I'm a strong advocate for this. 

Partly on the same note - be sure to listen to Adam Grant's podcast Who's the boss? ". He talks about the democratization of the workplace, and they twist and turn the concept of a more democratized workplace means. In the wake of the Basecamp and Coinbase debacle in the US, it's interesting to hear different people reflect on these situations. 

Breaking down silos.

Breaking down silos between learning, commitment, and performance, talk about the silos we create in HR. . A few practical tips and reminders about the importance of not creating silos within HR but finding common structures and meetings where everyone can work together as a team with the organization we support. Not rocket sciences, but a good reminder. 

Google Starline we need to talk about too. If you haven't seen what it is, do it. Looks magical! Here's the link to my post about Google Starline and three other remote work tools.

The Swedish HR Association dropped an opinion piece a couple of weeks ago around the lack of HR competencies in the Swedish boards. Great initiative and fantastic to see! 

That's it! Thanks for stopping by!