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Is this the EU-version of Narnia?

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Hi friends 👋 , 

Right now, a lot of HR people are scrambling to find a working solution to support remote working. 

One of the obstacles you'll inevitably run into if you are looking to hire people outside your current countries is understanding and knowing the local labor laws. And today's short Full Stack HR tip is all about finding what applies to the different markets within the EU.

In all honesty, it's simple. 

You click here.

Once you've done so, you'll land over at EURES (European Employment Services), a cooperation network formed by public employment services. And they conveniently put together each EU countries local labor laws, the ins and outs on different leave types, working conditions, and much more.  And yes, it's not the most beautiful website, but it does the trick.

I won't solve all your problems, but it's a great starting point to dive deeper into country-specific details when hiring in that country. 

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