Show me the money.

Payroll people are the unsung heroes of all companies.

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Happy Thursday 👋

It's no secret that I'm heavily inspired by Not Boring, and almost every Thursday, Packy writes a sponsored deep dive. Usually, it's about a company that he or his investment collective has invested in.

It's a win-win. The readers get insights into a new (and, most of the time) cool tech company. We learn about the underlying premises before investing, and the tech company gets exposure to an interested crowd.

This is my first attempt at writing such an article for FullStack HR.

Let's take it from the top.

Like many of you know, I work for The Talent Company. Founded in 2019, we wanted to combine excellent people management services with marvelous HR tech products. To use an old silicon valley cliché, preferably, you should say this with a deep Steve Jobs voice - we wanted to make products that we wanted and would love to use ourselves. (You can stop your Steve Jobs imitation now.)

We've been alive and kicking for two years, and during these years, we've built one product on our own, our personality assessment tool evali, and we've co-founded the HR system AlexisHR.

Now it's time for our third HR Tech product - meet PayZlip.

What’s PayZlip?

Payroll people are the unsung heroes of all companies. Making sure people get paid is one of those areas where if you do your job well, aka pay people the right amount of money on the right day, no one will pat you on the back. However, if that fails, everyone will be in your inbox in no time. You don't ever want to experience that. It's not an area where you can practice your overly excited agile HR methods. Pay your people. It's the foundation of any company.

Still, there has been little to no innovation in the payroll area. We want to change that.

Payroll software has uniformly been seen as B2B products, which makes sense at first glance. It's companies putting up the money by the end of each month, and it's the companies that administer the whole payroll process.

Don't get me wrong here; the interface for the unsung heroes must be user-friendly and easy to use. But that doesn't conflict with having an excellent employee interface where the employee has complete control and access to all things related to payroll. Payroll providers in the past have neglected this area, or if you wanted the whole experience, you'd have to pay a premium to do so.

PayZlip will challenge this.

The team, led by Basil Michelon, has a long and proven track record of building products people love to use and great knowledge of accounting and payroll.

And it's kind of a perfect storm for launching such a product to the market right now. People's processes are more critical than ever. Transparency is more important than ever. And having access to your payroll information at the tip of your fingers is one way to remove an unnecessary blocker. Because, yes, having insights into what your payment will be at the end of the month is still a black box at many companies.

As with all products we are involved with, the user is the focus, without breaking the bank and having your CFO come running as soon as the bill is due.

Good HR tech shouldn't have to cost you a fortune, and you should be able to have access to it no matter if you are a five-person company or a 10000+ person company.

That has and will always be at the core of all products we are developing.

Want to learn more?

Reach out to Basil, and he'll take you for a spin in the PayZlip universe.